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Free Shipping on Orders Over $199
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Looking for Spare Parts?

Need a new battery, mouthpiece, screen, o-ring, charger pack,coils or other consumable/optional parts?

Being a relatively new store (for now!), Soothing Vapours does not have the resources or space to stock every replacement part for every vaporizer. However, we DO have an amazing collection of wholesalers with whom we do business on a regular basis.

If you need (or just want) a part for your vaporizer, I can pretty much guarantee that one of them will have whatever it is you are looking for...they are superstars! Just let us know what you need and we will find it for you, send you a quote and then get your part expediently sent on to you. This process might take a little longer than our usual speedy service but we will 'get'er done' as fast as we can!

Happy vaping, my friend!


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