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About Us


We provide world-class customer service; your satisfaction with your purchase is of utmost importance to us. We want to earn your respect and trust and repeat business!


With so many different vaporizers available identifying the right one for you is hard. We provide knowledge to make your shopping experience effective and pleasant.

Home Grown

Soothing Vapours is a family owned Canadian web-based business that provides quality vaporizers and accessories to the medical and recreational cannabis consumer.

Our Mission

To demystify the world of vaporization for you and to ensure that you have the best possible experience.


Soothing Vapours

As a company, we want our path to success to be built on word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied customers.

Our name comes from my high school days in the early 70's when I used to invite my friends outside to enjoy a little 'soothing vapour'!!

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